From the "Didja Know...?" Dept.

Trivia from a veritable cesspool of human knowledge


by Carlton Donaghe


Didja know that Gunsmoke was the longest-running television show in American history?


Didja know that tigers had striped skin?


Didja know that Ringo (with art by the Mighty Quin) has a German Shepherd named Ripley?


Didja know that coffee changed the course of Western Civilization?


Didja know that Larry Nadolsky plays in a band called Larrygaga & the Impossibles?


Didja know that it takes light from the sun-- which is about 93 million miles from the sun-- eight minutes  to reach earth, but that it takes light from the stars of the Andromeda Galaxy-- the galaxy closest to the Milky Way-- 2.5 million years to reach your eyes?


Didja know that Gregory Floch has vowed to never paint another comic ever again?

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