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From the "Didja Know...?" Dept.

From the "Didja Know...?" Dept.  Just for the heck of it, and for no other reason, I'll be throwing out some crazy trivia on all sorts of subjects, with a lot of them coming from history and science. It's just so full up there it's starting to leak out. Yikes! Who knows what you might find.

Didja Know...?


Mojo Pop Artists!  As part of my diabolical plan to take over the world, the artists who create the Mojo Pop Art Masterpieces will be regularly featured in the comics and on the site. I want to make sure you know who they are and where to find them.

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Mojo Pop Artists 

Hot Dog
And if you just don't have anything else whatsoever to do, drop by my own personal page, Hot Dog, where I'll tell you what I really think. In my introductory column, I'll tell you a little bit about Donaghe history, give you a glimpse of my first day as a teacher at the Mescalero Apache High School, fill you in on one secret to Jimi Hendrix's genius, and generally lie a lot in the most charming way I know how. Don't worry-- I've censored all the cuss words!

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